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Motel 2.0

Motel 991,
On-road hôtel***
in Viviers-du-Lac

The most Roadster of hotels

Motel 991 is a model in all that is unique and original. By taking over this motel-like establishment in Viviers-du-Lac, the Mhost group overhauled the clunker in 2022 and turned it into a pimped masterpiece. Location, location, location! Our 3-star hotel is on the traveller's highway, near the A41 between Geneva and Grenoble. Passing through the area around Chambéry, Aix-les-Bains, Le Bourget-du-lac or Méry, they decide to take a break in their itinerary and Motel 991 is the ideal choice.
For one night or more, people travelling for business or leisure will find a perfect compromise between comfort and accessibility and tranquillity and proximity to major roads.
And as a bonus, they can experience the surprising motel concept that makes this hotel so unique


Modern and spacious

with heating and air conditioning :

Motel 991 has 27 rooms in four categories—Classic Room, Exclusive Garden Room, Family Room, and Exclusive Family Room. Guests will find the comfort and tranquillity they expect and enjoy the elegance they dream of. From the choice of materials to the decorative design, from floor to ceiling, from lighting to equipment—nothing has been left to chance. Each room type, ranging in size from 18 m2 to 26 m2, answers our guests’ various needs. All of them are equipped with a premier-choice parquet floor, beautiful wall lamps, quality linen, blackout curtains, air conditioning, heating, and organic and vegan care products by Natural Remedis. Whether you want to book a night for one, a family weekend for four, or a week's vacation for two, Motel 991—a 3-star hotel near Aix-Les-Bains, Chambéry, and Le Bourget-du-Lac—promises a calm and regenerating stay.

Trio gagnant

The Hotel Team

The Motel's engine

All day long, the hotel’s pit crew is happy to welcome you to Motel 991 in Viviers-du-Lac, for just a short pit stop or a full battery recharge. Whether you are staying at Motel 991 for the night, weekend or holidays, Cristina, Isabelle, and Daina will make sure you have everything you need. From dawn to dusk, all three are available to respond to your requests and ensure a peaceful stay.

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Motel 991 services

Service warranty included

Buffet and takeaway breakfast, family rooms, lounge area with “La Station” bar, self check-in kiosk... When you stay at Motel 991 in Viviers-du-Lac near Le Bourget-du-Lac, Aix-les-Bains, and Chambéry, you’ll enjoy more than a motel experience; it’s a 3-star hotel offering services that live up to the standard. In 2022, from room to reception and from parking lot to hotel bar, Motel 991 in Viviers-du-Lac polished every space and selected a choice of accessories to offer you excellent service.

Our services
Check-in 24/7

24/7 Reservations & Check-in Welcome to Motel 991

“…9-9-1, what’s your emergency ?”

Is it late? Do you need a room to spend the night and rest? Are you looking for a hotel in Aix-les-Bains, Chambéry, Méry, and Le Bourget-du-Lac? Don't worry; our hotel is waiting for you whenever you need it. Drive carefully to our hotel’s free parking lot in Viviers-du-Lac; a special receptionist will be waiting for you. Even though our staff will have already left the hotel at this time, our self check-in kiosk is there to take over, making it possible to book your room at Motel 991, retrieve your keycard, and get instant access to your room.

Work & Chill

3-star hotel near Savoie Hexapole, Technolac, and Z.I. des Landiers

In Hexapole position in Viviers-du-Lac

Are you visiting the Méry business park? Looking for a hotel near Savoie Hexapole to stay in after a business meeting with a client? Having an important supplier meeting in the Landiers park? Having a seminar at your company's headquarters in Savoie Technolac in Bourget-du-Lac?
Very close to the Aix Sud highway exit, our 3-star hotel in Le Viviers-du-Lac is located less than 2 km and 5 minutes by car from Savoie Hexapole, less than 10 minutes from Technolac, and 15 minutes from the Landiers park. Motel 991 is ideally located for quick access to these business parks from the hotel and easy access to the highway after your business trip.
A business lunch? Feel like an after-work? The Daytona Grill & Sports Bar restaurant is next to the hotel and invites you to enjoy gourmet cuisine or share delicious appetisers and brewery beers